Rail Options

Choose from the following Rail Options


Over rail

railoptionover_small   railoptions_underfront_small
Provides side loading protection.
–Recommended for all trucks with bare metal on the top rails.


Canopy rail

railoptions_underrear_small  railoptionscanopy_small
Protects the top of the rails, but does not go over the radius.
–Perfect for canopies & covers.
(same price as over rail)

Click here to see a larger image of this over the rail truck.


Under rail

railoptionscanopy1_small  railoptionsover-rearview_small

Click here for larger picture
NOTE: The cab and tailgate go over the rail – specify inside only if you don’t want these done.
If you have plastic rail caps, we will go under the rail.


Undecided? Just let us know when you bring your truck in.
Additional charge for customizations, ask us for a quote.


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