Caps, Covers and Rail Options

LINE-X Spray-On Truck Bedliners.
Outperforms other sprayed-on or drop-in bedliners.

Caps, Covers and Rail Options

Caps & covers are the most asked about accessory. Of course they fit great after a spray in bedliner! The only question is how to apply the liner — over, under, or canopy style. See rail options for and hitch options for more details.


With Tonneau covers we recommend going over the rail, they look fantastic and don’t interfere with the fit.


undercovertruck Tonneau Cover sample with over the rail liner

We now offer the UnderCover hard Tonneau cover! UnderCover is a lightweight polymer truck cap that complements the LINE-X texture. UnderCover is weather tight, removeable, and there is no drilling required. Neither fiberglass nor soft covers meet UnderCovers’ superior level of durability at a fraction of the weight and less cost than a fiberglass cap.


Better Fit

Many people assume they should go under the rail for a better fit with a vinyl cover. Accessories, even covers fit great with over the rail Line-X. As you can see, the cover and

liner fit together perfectly for a factory installed look.

Better Protection

TonneauCoverSm  Tonneau cover close up with spray in bedliner over the rails

The bedliner will protect the tops of the rails from scuff marks caused by the Tonneau cover hardware. If you remove the cover years later you will have protection on the tops of the rails.

Thanks to Crystal for bringing her truck in for the photo! This cover came from our friends at Leonard Truck Caps and Accessories on Route 17 and Victory in Yorktown. They do fantastic work and stand behind their products. We highly recommend them for any truck accessory you might need.


We asked the experts at Leonard Truck Caps and they highly recommend going over the rails even with a fiberglass lid.

Fits Great!

RamCover1SM Fiberglass lid sample with over the rail liner

LINE-X doesn’t interfere with the fit of the lid. In fact, it will prevent wear and tear on the tops of the rails.

Looks Great!

RamCover2SM Fiberglass lid close up with spray in bedliner over the rails

LINE-X breaks up the contours of the bed and gives a sleek outline.


Chrome Rails ...

ChromeRails_SMChrome Rails – Over the rail LINE-X

We recommend over the rails even with chrome rails. It looks great and still gives side protection. If you ever take the chrome rails off your truck is still protected.


Rails and Cover

RamwithrailsandcoversmallChrome rails and cover

YES! You can have rails and a cover.

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