LINE-X vs Spray-Ons

LINE-X Spray-On Truck Bedliners.
Outperforms other sprayed-on or drop-in bedliners.

Rub It!


Take a sample of LINE-X and rub it together with any other bedliner sample … notice how our higher performance product sands away the softer competition? Tool boxes, construction material, sports equipment, etc. won’t wear away the textured LINE-X surface.

Hit It!


Hit a sample of LINE-X and hit any other bedliner sample … see how our competition splits or shatters? LINE-X takes protection to the next level…our higher tensile strength resists impact, cuts, & gouges better than all other bedliners. Safety first: wear eye and hand protection and place samples on a concrete surface and fix each in place to prevent movement.

Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY Valid Nationwide

Cut It!


LINE-X is a thick spray-on bedliner.
When you cut a LINE-X sample with a sharp knife, notice how the cut nearly disappears. When you cut a competitors sample, it’s easier to find the cut! LINE-X stands up to the hardest use … it’s good to know your truck bed will continue to look good. Safety first: wear eye and hand protection and fix sample in place to prevent movement.

LINE-X has the refined, consistent grain surface that looks like it came from the factory. Unlimited thickness … non-skid protection that looks great! Other spray-ons have been called the “cottage cheese look” due to their rough, inconsistent appearance. Plus, because they do not dry instantly like LINE-X does, it’s difficult for them to get thick coverage on the
sides because heavy spray will drip and sag.

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