A Special Message from Virginia LINE-X!

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2 comments on “A Special Message from Virginia LINE-X!
  1. Jeff Steinmiller says:

    Great service, great product. I got my first Line-X on my 2008 F-350 when it was brand new. After 9 years of hard service, my brother managed to catch a shovel blade under the liner and cut a 1 inch hole. I took it in and they fixed it very quickly, no questions asked. Now that I have a 2017 F-150 on order, I’m already scheduled to have the Platinum product sprayed in. I wouldn’t consider anything else. I also plan to get a tonneau cover there since I like doing business with them, they have a lifetime warranty, they have a great selection, the only carry good products.

  2. Les Benton says:

    This morning I had an Undercover Truck Bed Cover (Classic Style) installed on my 2010 Nissan Frontier King Cab. It looks fantastic and I am 100% please. Anthony Ames (manager) was great to work with and helped me pick out the right option for the purpose I am using the truck for. I decided against doing the spray in bed liner, or using a tri-fold cover (which I’ve had before, which never kept the watewr out. I really like the one piece cover I got. I now will be able to store things in the back which will stay dry and I can also lock it up tight. Very pleased and excited with my purchase. Thanks again Anthony. I enjoyed getting to know you.

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